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Commercial ski and adventure photographer, Stephen Shelesky, and contemporary landscape artists, Elyse Dodge, are both motivated by a desire to capture the beauty of our natural world. Their imagery and artwork showcase the world around us in its most bold, colorful and wild state. Shelesky, influenced by the towering mountains in Wyoming and Dodge by the rugged beauty of Canada, share their love of the wilderness with us through the lens, the screen and the brush. Dodge focuses on the form of the mountains rather than on the subject matter, deconstructing the angles of the rock into geometric, colorful illustrations. Shelesky's images capture the composition, movement and lighting of the scenery around us. Together, their limited run of layered landscapes seamlessly intertwine the organic textures and lighting of the natural scenery next to the polygonal and vibrant mountain ranges in the backdrop. Available in a limited edition 11 x 17" matte print.

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